Online platform for exchanging second-hand objects that are in good condition at official Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) in order to promote their reuse, with the resulting positive social and environmental impact for both city and citizens.

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Revive is available to citizens via a web and mobile platform, and is aimed at promoting the reuse of objects and improving recycling rates through active engagement of citizens, with the resulting positive environmental and social impact. The Revive solution thus contributes to complying with European directives on recycling and reuse of waste materials by 2020.

The platform is also physically available at official Recycling Points in each municipality, where an updated catalogue on available products can be consulted. Every time you drop off or pick up an article, you will be awarded points which can be exchanged for certain social benefits, such as, for example, tickets to shows or sports centres.

This initiative has been implemented at two Recycling Points in Spain and the UK. Revive Alcobendas in Spain, launched in April 2015, now has more than 500 users, with a total of 1,700 articles dropped off and 1,000 articles picked up. The other centre is Revive Witchford, launched in October 2015. It now has over 200 users, with more than 1,800 articles being reused by citizens. This is a collaborative innovation initiative between local authorities and Ferrovial Services, and was developed jointly with the Centre for Innovation on Intelligent Infrastructures (CI3).

Revive is currently available for application in other Recycling Points managed by Ferrovial Services or local councils.

Cities Centre of Excellence a commitment to urban innovation

Revive is part of Ferrovial Service’s strategy of supporting cities to develop citizen-friendly innovation, improving service provision with highly innovative solutions, and contributing to social development.

The Cities Centre of Excellence develops and implements innovative programmes, solutions and models for the provision of city services, working collaboratively with modern cities and forward-looking agents. The ultimate aim of this applied innovation is supporting maximum commercial, operational and financial performance of the business and its strategic differentiation.

The Centre for Innovation on Intelligent Infrastructures (CI3) is a pioneering, not-for-profit foundation comprising the private sector (Ferrovial), academic (The University of Alcalá de Henares) and the public sector (Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha). The mission of the CI3 is to become a benchmark in research, development and innovation on products, processes and business models to be streamlined in infrastructure value chains, in both urban and inter-urban contexts.


General Information

  • Project: Reusing second-hand articles
  • Location: Alcobendas (Spain). Witchford (UK)
  • Start date: April 2015-March2016
  • Company: Ferrovial Services and the Centre for Innovation on Intelligent Infrastructures (CI3)