Maviva specializes in value-added logistics solutions, component assembly for the automotive industry, and quality control.

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  • Project: Maviva Group
  • Location: Ten facilities — nine in Spain and one in Portugal. Headquarters in Vigo.
  • Clients: PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Grupo Antolín, Faurecia, Saint-Gobain, Delphi and Gestamp.

Maviva specializes in value-added logistics solutions, component assembly for the automotive industry, and quality control. The Maviva Group provides Logistics 4.0 solutions through process design and development in one or more stages of the customer’s supply chain — supply, transport, warehousing, distribution, etc. — extending to production process activities. Maviva organizes, manages and controls these operations through proprietary infrastructure, technology and information systems.

The company provides specialist logistics solutions using the latest technologies in data capture systems, including barcode readers and RFID. This enables it to offer perfect stock control based on client parameters, such as expiration date, part traceability and FIFO, by engineering level. The company devises solutions across all modalities in the automotive industry and other areas, from sequenced deliveries, SAH, L3P and L3PS to Kanban; executing every phase from process design to handling and delivery, including the layout of the information systems themselves. Maviva pays particular attention to the technical specifics of each component, as well as offering customized warehousing and developing specific dollies for sequenced deliveries. Its average service rate is above 99.5%.

The Group manages goods of all kinds from its suppliers located in Europe, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia), Asia (Turkey, Iran) and America. Maviva’s considerable experience, having been devising specific logistics solutions for more than 30 years, enables it to optimize processes and control them using information systems that are tailored to each client’s needs.

It provides logistics services to clients at their facilities, supplying the necessary human and technical resources, including receipt and dispatch of materials, warehouse management, supply of materials to production lines, synchronized services, etc. The Group offers integrated full-truckload freight solutions, using own or third-party vehicles, to optimize client processes.

Among the integrated solutions offered by Maviva is automotive component assembly. This activity cuts client costs by efficiently managing the stock of assembled parts, streamlining transportation capacity from the source factory and enabling a swift response to changes in the product or end customer, as well as containing production costs. The use of next-generation technology in process control, automation, measurements and data management ensures excellent levels of productivity and quality.

Maviva’s own management program gives it constant updates on the status of employee training and versatility, which makes production management more efficient. Weekly briefings, 5S monitoring, Lean Manufacturing and the utmost attention to ergonomics and safety in all jobs combine to provide the highest performance in assembly processes for clients.

The Maviva Group implements stringent parts selection and recovery protocols to ensure uncompromising quality in assembly lines. This activity is conducted either at the client’s plant or at the Group’s own facilities, guaranteeing traceability by means of continuous inspections based on automatic data capture, enabling online rejection of a part, classification of defect type, and reintroduction if the part is recoverable. The ability to react swiftly is vital to guarantee supplies to assembly lines.