The contract with Iberia includes the provision of maintenance, cleaning, and gardening service for the industrial and airport areas, the air cargo terminal, and the company headquarters for Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España.

  • Recursos Naturales e Industria
  • 350,000 m2
    to mantain
  • 40
  • 250,000 m2
    landscaped areas

The contract with Iberia includes the provision of the maintenance, cleaning, and gardening services for the industrial and airport areas, air cargo terminal, and company headquarters for Iberia Líneas Aéreas. The agreement is at the national level, and of particular note are the operations carried out in the facilities in Madrid and Barcelona. As a whole, the company is responsible for more than 40 buildings over more than 350,000 square meters, as well as garden maintenance for 250,000 square meters.

An outstanding part of this project is the diversification of facilities aimed at providing maintenance for the airline’s aircraft and engines. It is a contract based on compliance with service quality determined by agreements on service level and KPIs, which are used to measure response times in attending to notices, compliance with preventive maintenance, and production facilities’ availability.

The technological platform “GIM” is used for managing facility maintenance, which provides detailed control of the planning and status of maintenance operations. For the operational setup for data collection and compliance with maintenance plans, technicians have PDAs that make it possible to assign jobs to technicians automatically, as well as receiving information in real-time.


All the information received is displayed on a control panel where the results obtained from the KPIs defined in the contract are shown so that the status of the quality of the service provided is known continuously in real-time. Using this technology makes it possible to carry out contract tracking analysis quickly and flexibly. By aiming to find deviations in the indicators, we may implement corrective actions instantly.

The scope of the contract also includes the presentation of investment proposals focused on the renovation of facilities, many of them having the goal of energy savings. Among these proposals, we must note the latest project to change lighting to LED technology across all workshops and hangars in industrial area II, “La Muñoza.” This project led to changing 3,660 lighting points with a total power of 1,860 kW, which means our customers save around 65% on the cost of electricity for lighting.

The company is responsible for various unique installations:

  • 120 crane bridges and hoists.
  • 12 suspended baskets for aircraft maintenance.
  • 4 robotized facilities for air cargo palletization and storage.
  • 22 cooling plants.
  • 42 transformers.
  • 18 boilers.
  • 270 circulation pumps.
  • 38 hangar doors.