The Energy Control Center is a collaborative work space developed by Ferrovial Services that specializes in energy management and energy efficiency services know-how.

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At the center, centralized management of various types of contracts is carried out; from hospitals and elderly care, schools, athletic centers, offices, waste treatment plants, to district heating and production headquarters.

The center’s main goal is offering the best advice on energy management to businesses and institutions by analyzing the performance of thermal generation units, regulation of public streetlights, optimization of contracting energy supplies, and improvement in facilities’ operational patterns. All the data collected through Hefesto is gathered and interactively analyzed, generating know-how that makes the Energy Control Center at Ferrovial Services a unique, integrated option for managing and optimizing energy supplies.

At the control center, work is done with Hefesto, a tool that integrates the facilities’ telemetry systems, data storage in our own database, and energy management software. This solution manages more than 4,000 Universal Supply Point Codes (CUPS), along with 2,500 devices with telemetry in Spain, the U.S., and Australia, which allows us to analyze 316 GWh of energy that entails a cost of approximately €25 million.

Results since the first year of the program

From its start, at least 4% in energy savings has been achieved in the first year of incorporating the service. This center aims to improve the performance of thermal generation units, the detection of off-schedule consumption, and the optimization and monitoring of public lighting, contract rates, and pattern operation.

Activities at the Energy Control Center:

  • Energy cost and consumption management
  • Savings monitoring
  • Optimization of contract rates and power
  • Energy cost and consumption forecast
  • Risk minimization and management derived from fluctuations in energy prices
  • Risk assessment derived from fluctuations in energy prices
  • Energy purchase assessment
  • Quality control and management of telemanagement data

Network of Energy Efficiency experts

At Ferrovial Services, solutions that set us apart are developed in relation to integrated maintenance for buildings and facilities. The Center of Excellence for Energy and FM has a wide network of experts across the locations where we work in order to share know-how in the field of Energy Efficiency.

General information

  • ProjectEnergy Control Center
  • Location: Australia, Spain, USA
  • Opening date: 2018
  • ClientsAustin Hospital (Melbourne, Australia). Príncipe de Asturias Hospital, Alcalá de Henares. Guadalajara street lighting. Águilas street lighting