Dugud wants to to engage and motivate citizens in waste recycling.

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Key figures:

  • Dugud wants to achieve a 50% of a recycling rate, according to European targets.
  • It promotes recycling by positive reinforcement.

Main information:

  • Location:Getxo (Spain), (2019).
  • Clients:Getxo City Council, Spain.

Getxo City Council, geographically located in the northern of Spain, has the responsibility of achieving 50% of a recycling rate, according to European targets. Achievement of this was transferred to Ferrovial Services as part of the wider partnership contract for urban environmental services management. To achieve this, we needed to attract the attention of the community and to encourage them to own the target too. Getxo has a good recycling rate currently but it not yet at the required level.

The challenge was to create a memorable and meaningful experience to engage and motivate the citizens of Getxo in waste recycling. To do this, we designed and developed a smartphone app using a team of in-house experts and selected partners.

On one hand, the app reframes the recycling task, well-known to the user, and connects the benefits of separating waste with the rest of the community.

On the other hand, it promotes recycling by positive reinforcement. Waste separation habits are attributable to individuals and rewarded with prizes and social recognition.

Dugud is not just an app but a citizens recycling project that works in different levels: monitoring individual contributions, registering rankings of neighborhoods’ contributions, waste traceability and its impact on the community. The solution will address the sustainability ‘triple-bottom-line’ by affecting environmental, social and financial measures.