Extension of the hospital and improvement of both basic and highly technical equipment, with a total investment of 101 million Euros.

  • 101 million
  • 20
  • 12 %


Considered to be the best hospital in Cantabria, it has a surface area of 85,530 square metres in the Tres Torres building, occupying twelve floors. The new building has 348 wards, the majority of which are individual rooms. These three towers provide treatment in all specializations, including maternity.

The new Valdecilla Hospital also houses a large number of laboratories, an extended resuscitation area, new operating theatres and alternative hospitalization units, in addition to new store rooms and changing rooms.

It was inaugurated in 2015, with a budget allocation of 70 million euros.


Smart Hospital Cantabria, a joint venture between Ferrovial Servicios and SIEC, was awarded the contract for completion of extension and improvement of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital in Santander, including its basic and highly technical equipment, for a total of 101 million Euros.

Pursuant to the agreement with the Cantabria Health Service, Smart Hospital Cantabria also manages non-medical services for the Valdecilla Hospital in Santander. The contract covers the delivery of 12 non-medical services for 20 years, taking over the 40 different contracts which were previously in force. These services cover engineering and maintenance of facilities and medical equipment, handling of medical files, logistics, integral cleaning, catering and security services, and energy management of the whole complex.

In order to ensure efficiency in energy management, the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management was involved during the tendering stage in setting design criteria for the main energy producing and consuming facilities in the new building, as well as in the proposal of energy efficiency improvements to be introduced in existing buildings.

Following award of the contract, the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management was involved in financial and technical evaluation of the facilities to streamline the construction process and monitor construction works to ensure adequate operation. Moreover, the Centre led the necessary actions for implementing the energy efficiency improvements agreed, such as, for example, the change of all existing lighting to LED systems. It also supported development of a monitoring and evaluation plan, as well as establishing baselines for energy use, within the process of certification of the hospital’s management system under standard UNE 50.001, and supported continuous monitoring of the energy management system.

The new hospital building combines maximum efficiency within its facilities and rational delivery costs.  Moreover, energy use was reduced by 12% in existing facilities. The Centre of Excellence experience also allowed streamlining of lighting renewal with a 10% improvement in installation costs, all in accordance with the planning provided.

General Information

Project: Smart Hospital Cantabria
Location: Santander, Cantabria. (Spain)
Start Date: 2016
Company: Ferrovial and SIEC