Comprehensive maintenance at desalination plants and copper transport pipes.

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Ferrovial Services is in charge of fulfilling the contract for comprehensive maintenance service at the desalinization plants and for the so-called “mining-pipeline” pipes for BHP Billiton at Escondida Mine, specifically the company’s facilities located in the area called the Port of Coloso. This contract includes mechanical, electrical, electronic, and hydraulic maintenance for the world’s largest desalination plant with a production of 2,500 liters per second. Having fresh water is key to production at Escondida Mine, as this service has been declared vital by the customer.

On the other hand, Ferrovial Services Chile carries out maintenance for the pipe so-called “mining-pipeline,” as well as the filtration plant at the Port of Coloso. This pipe carries the copper concentrate as a pulp from the concentrator to the Port of Coloso.


Industrial Janitorial Service

The process of grinding and crushing rocks generates a large amount of dust that puts people’s health and plant production at risk. In order to minimize its impact, BHP Billiton has hired Ferrovial Services Chile’s specialized high-tech industrial janitorial services. Currently, the company develops comprehensive services in the production areas of Crushing (rock crushing), Concentration, and Hydrometallurgy. In order to improve this service, Ferrovial Services Chile has incorporated robots that enable vacuuming the dust under belts without stopping these tasks, which also adds value to individuals’ safety, avoiding them being exposed to various hazards.

Ferrovial Services Chile carries out innovative solutions for maintenance and janitorial services, seeking to apply technologies in providing our services, reducing risks, and optimizing processes and resources.

General information

  • Project: Comprehensive maintenance service Coloso Plants
  • Location: Chile, Antofagasta Region
  • Clientes: Minera Escondida, operated by BHP Billiton.