Digitalization program for Tomar city government, financed using the savings generated by replacing conventional street lighting with connected LED lights.

  • 13.500
    street lights installed
  • 77 %
    energy saving

General information:

  • Project: Tomar Smart City
  • Location: Tomar (Portugal)
  • Execution: 2019-2020
  • Client: Tomar city government.

Ferrovial Serviços and the city government of Tomar (Portugal) recently signed a 16-year contract, called Tomar Smart City, under which the city became a trailblazer in the smart management of resources and territory, and in citizen participation.

The 16-year project consists of replacing existing street lighting with smart connected lighting and developing four pilot projects, including monitoring the use of fire hydrants, air and water quality, and flood levels in the Nabão river, and the implementation of AI software to manage the entire system. A LoRaWAN communications network will be installed to enable the software to manage all communications, based on the IoT.

The Tomar Smart City project will harness the savings obtained by using the connected LED street lighting system, comprising some 14 thousand street lights, to finance the installation of an artificial intelligence solution to manage services in the municipality. By means of a LoRaWAN communications network covering the entire municipal area, not only will Tomar control the various solutions developed in the project, but it may also add services to be developed and integrated in future to meet the needs of its citizens, departments and territory.

As an international leader in providing integrated services for infrastructure and cities, and with its Centers of Excellence for Cities and for Energy and FM, Ferrovial Services already has considerable experience in affording cities solutions to enable them to respond to citizens’ mounting needs and transform them into Smart Cities.

The replacement of around 14,000 street lights generated the necessary savings to finance the project to make Tomar a Smart City, which includes:

  • The installation of a LoRaWAN communications network to manage the lightsand with the potential to integrate other services or evenopen up to the local community for other projects thatthe city government considers appropriate;
  • Proofs of concept in water quality monitoring along theNabão river, advanced flood warning and fire hydrant monitoring;
  • Implementation of a management solution based on artificial intelligencewhich integrates all the existing systems and others that the city government chooses to develop in future.

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