Bicing is a public bicycle rental service in the city of Barcelona, run by Cespa, a Ferrovial Services subsidiary.

  • Infraestructura de Transporte

The new Bicing service offers greater territorial coverage, a larger number of bicycles, mixed stations for conventional and electric bicycles, new and improved stations and bicycles (enhanced security, racks, convenience), longer available hours, etc.

  • More service: 24-hour operation, 365 days a year (the service is currently provided from Monday to Thursday, from 5 am to 2 am; Fridays from 5 am to 3 am and Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, 24 hours).
  • More bicycles: 7,000 bikes: 6,000 mechanical bikes and 1,000 electric bikes. At present there are 6,000 and 300, respectively. The service can potentially be expanded to offer a total of 8,000 bikes. The integration and expansion of electric models will make it easier for users to make uphill journeys.
  • More versatile: All the bicycles use identical chassis and the electric bikes are upgraded with electric motors to aid peddling. The new service offers the option to vary the number of electric and conventional bikes, since conventional models can be transformed into electric cycles by adding a special kit, based on demand.
  • More and better stations: 519 mixed, above-ground stations, with physical integration for both types of bicycles: all the racks will work with the conventional model as well as the electric model, and they will be stronger and more durable. There will be 95 stations in addition to the 424 existing above-ground stations. These existing stations will remain in their current locations, while the 45 stations for electric bikes currently located primarily underground will be removed. All will be equipped with the latest security measures and will have an average rack capacity of 27.
  • More territorial coverage: The 95 new stations will be distributed across the city’s 10 districts. The most notable increases will be in Horta-Guinardó (17), Nou Barris (16), Gracia (14) and Sant Martí (13), although there will also be increases in the number of stations in other districts. The new stations will cover areas where Bicing has hitherto not been available. The aim is to reduce the differences in territorial coverage between districts, to optimize intermodality and to provide service in areas where demand is high.
  • Technological improvements: Users of the new service will have the option to reserve a bike 5 minutes in advance. Accessing the service: there are 3 ways to access the service (contactless smartcard, smartphone with NFC capability or mobile app). The system can be technologically integrated with TMobilitat when it enters into service.