JUN 10, 2020

Through Grupo AMÁS, Ferrovial Services helps individuals with varying intellectual functional capacities improve their prospects for joining the job market.

Ferrovial Services works with Grupo AMÁS, a non-governmental organization dedicated to social and job placement for individuals with intellectual functional differences. This is part of a project focused on integration that is dedicated to training adults through a training process suited to their abilities and interests.

Specifically, at the Escuela de Formación Másymenos in Móstoles, there is a training program geared toward professional opportunities cleaning rooms and offices, as floor waiters, kitchen assistants, attendants, receptionists, and in industrial and warehouse laundry. At the present time, there are 33 adults (15 women and 18 men) with intellectual functional differences participating.

"We have early care centers, occupational centers, day centers, residences, supervised flats, and other types of residences. For the last ten years, we have aimed to create employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities to achieve full inclusion."

At its center in Móstoles, the foundation has several classrooms adapted for learning: from multipurpose rooms with whiteboards and computer equipment to training classrooms specific to the type of jobs previously mentioned. Ferrovial Services has worked with this organization actively in acquiring kitchen tools that require bigger investments (an oven, a griddle…) for hospitality sector positions and direct investment in faculty.

About Grupo AMÁS

Grupo AMÁS is an entity composed of two foundations and three associations in southern Madrid that was formed in 1977 and that supports, defends, and fights for the rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities. They have over 2,000 members and 300 volunteers who, along with its more than 900 professionals, support 2,000 people with functional differences.