OCT 29, 2020

Under this new contract, Ferrovial Services will deliver maintenance services along 60 miles of toll road in Harris County, Houston.

  • Infraestructura de Transporte

Ferrovial Services has been awarded a contract by the Harris County Toll Road Authority (Houston) to maintain roads and facilities. The agreement, which comes into force on 1 December, covers operation and maintenance of about 100 kilometers of roads in the county, and management of installations such as the Shipping Channel Bridge, Washburn Tunnel and Lynchburg Ferry Terminal.

The Harris County road system operates round the clock 365 days per year. Under the contract, over 100 Ferrovial Services employees will guarantee constant delivery of services to the Harris County Toll Road Authority and to road users. The company will also establish a training program to ensure that every worker has the skills required to deliver the maintenance services safely.

“This is a landmark contract that will allow us to bring value to a new client in the nation’s fourth largest city. We are beyond excited to be able to demonstrate our commitment to delivering safe, high quality service to the satisfaction of the client and traveling public,”

Daniel Filer, Executive Vice President of Infrastructure at Ferrovial Services North America (FSNA).


Proven experience in the infrastructure sector in the United States

Ferrovial Services continue to provide operation and maintenance solutions for critical infrastructures in the United States. The company provide operation and maintenance services for the Port of Miami tunnel, 17 tunnels throughout the Washington D.C. street network, and two tunnels in Alaska. The organization also manage and deliver asset maintenance services in Michigan, Colorado and Florida and the maintenance of bascule bridges throughout FDOT’s District 5 and are always fully responsible for safe passage of roadway and water traffic.