APR 2, 2020

• KUIKO has selected the best cleaning specialists to offer a new disinfection service to combat Covid-19.

• The service is now available to private individuals and companies in Alicante, the Basque Country and Madrid.

• It will take clients less than a minute to find cleaning professionals who are certified in the use of biocidal products.

  • Facility Management

Professional cleaning is one of the essential ways of preventing the spread of Covid-19, especially in areas where there are people have been infected.

For this reason, KUIKO, Ferrovial Services’ digital platform for professional cleaning, maintenance and other professional services, partnered with its best specialists to develop a new cleaning and disinfection service to deal with Covid-19 (coronavirus); the service is available to clients — both private individuals and companies — in Alicante, the Basque Country and now also in Madrid.

Just 1 minute to find and hire a custom disinfection service

This new service is available at www.kuiko.es, within the catalog of facility management services offered by the platform. The service is specifically configured to minimize the time it takes to find and hire a cleaning specialist. A potential client can calculate their budget in less than a minute, and can hire the professional of their choice with just one click.

Given the risks involved in this type of disinfection, KUIKO has specifically selected specialized professionals who are certified and have the requisite experience in handling and applying the biocidal products authorized in Spain for cleaning surfaces and spaces.

One-time or recurring cleaning to stop the virus from spreading

There are two options for Covid-19 disinfection: one-time in-depth cleaning and disinfection, or regular cleaning for facilities that are continuously in use. In either case, the premises are disinfected when they are closed to the public so as to avoid any disruption in basic services.

“Given the current situation, we prioritized the creation of a cleaning service to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and help stop contagion as soon as possible. We also sought to provide the utmost safety for both clients and our professionals; for that reason, we selected only the best cleaning companies to carry out disinfection of businesses and homes."


KUIKO is Ferrovial Services’ digital platform where individuals and companies can find, choose and hire the best local professionals who are certified in cleaning, maintenance or other services. KUIKO‘s goal is to be a key partner for professionals in this  sector, helping them to increase their client base while guaranteeing their cash flow and providing them with digital tools to make their day-to-day work easier.