APR 28, 2021

Here at Ferrovial Services, we have a clear priority: keeping all our employees safe. On the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we have unveiled a number of initiatives, campaigns and projects in the various geographies in which we operate: the Safety Observations program and the cardiovascular risk campaign in Spain; the ‘Zero Code’ safety awareness project in the United Kingdom; the health and safety ambassadors campaign in the United States and Canada; the ‘Productive and Healthy Teleworking’ campaign in Portugal; and the new ‘Zero Step’ digital platform implemented in Chile.

Spain — Safety Observation campaign: One of the objectives of the Strategic Plan for Occupational Health and Safety 2021 is to strengthen the safety culture at all levels of the company. With this goal in mind, the company has implemented a campaign focused on Safety Observations (OPS), which enable team leaders to check not only that the established safety measures are being complied with but also that the work conditions are favorable. Proper use of this tool favors safe environments in the company and also helps detect deficiencies in advance, avoid accidents, and monitor the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Videos on the importance of Safety Observations:

Spain — Think with your Heart: the recently-launched Think with your Heart initiative aims at raising awareness of cardiovascular diseases. According to the WHO, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death this century. In Spain, 43% of deaths at work are caused by cardiovascular diseases, with heart attacks in first place. During the 5-month campaign, messages were circulated on how to detect a heart attack, the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, how stress and sleep affect our heart, and what habits are harmful to our health.

Portugal, healthy telework: In Portugal, the company organized a number of awareness campaigns to promote the well-being of all the workers who have been teleworking during the pandemic. The most recent campaign, called ‘Productive and Healthy Teleworking’, consisted of the distribution of a handbook on how to work from home in a healthy and productive way. Sessions have been organized on managing stress, healthy lifestyles and mental health.

United Kingdom — ‘Zero Code’: In the UK, Amey’s ‘Zero Code’ initiative is based on four principles: Ready To Go; Kitted Out; Stick To The Plan; and Stay Alert. This initiative enables all employees to raise an alert if they think a task is unsafe or if they need more information before they start performing it, in the knowledge that they will always be supported if they do so. Amey also conducts monthly employee health and wellness surveys in order to implement improvement initiatives. The Think Safe project (a behavioral approach to safety) was the winner in the 5th edition of Zuritanken.

United States and Canada — ‘Safety Ambassador’ program: In North America, the Ferrovial Services ‘Safety Ambassador’ program promotes a culture of health and safety in all its operations. To this end, the Health and Safety team works with ambassadors within the company to promote a culture of safety, gather information on incidents and accidents, and identify safety challenges and needs.

Chile focuses on digitalization with ‘Digital Zero Step’: As part of the process of digitalizing operations in Chile, the company has digitalized its ‘Zero Step’ program. Under Zero Step, before undertaking any task, the crew analyzes and monitors the associated risks and checks that the appropriate safety measures are in place. The program now has a new digital tool that provides real-time information on contract operations, as well as optimizing risk assessment times and enabling work to be performed safely.

These initiatives are aligned with the 2030 Agenda by contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health and Well-being), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals), with the aim of ensuring healthy lifestyles and promoting well-being among the company’s staff.