MAY 12, 2020

Ferrovial Services has begun to carry out maintenance and operation of two mines in northern Chile for BHP Billiton and Antofagasta Minerals.

  • Recursos Naturales e Industria

Ferrovial Services has begun operations on two new contracts that were recently awarded in the mining sector in Chile for carrying out industrial cleaning tasks for BHP Billiton and Antofagasta Minerals in two mines located in the northern part of the country. With these awards, the company is strengthening its presence in the Andean region in a sector where it already offers outstanding activity.

The first award is a three-year contract for BHP Billiton, the primary private copper driver in the Andean country, for performing industrial cleaning operations at Spence Mine SGO, located in Sierra Gorda in the city of Antofagasta in the north of Chile. With this adjudication, Ferrovial Services will carry out tasks such as cleaning structures, collecting solid and metallic waste, and cleaning channels and loading and unloading platforms.

Furthermore, Ferrovial Services also won a new contract with Antofagasta Minerals, Chile’s leading private mining group, to operate in the Centinela mines, located in northern Chile in the Antofagasta region. The agreement, which spans 3 years, aims to provide industrial cleaning tasks with high safety and quality standards, as well as a high level of productivity. To fulfill this contract, Ferrovial Services will use about 20 types of specialized machinery in order to provide service with maximal functionality.

A strong presence in the mining sector

Ferrovial Services Chile was recently awarded a new contract that includes delivering specialized maintenance services for equipment and infrastructure in the areas of secondary and tertiary crushing belonging to the Chilean state company Codelco División Radomiro Tomic, located in Calama, which is Codelco’s largest copper producer. The company is also carrying out maintenance operations at the mines in Ministro Hales, Chuquicamata, Escondida, Lomas Bayas, and Zaldívar, all located in northern Chile. Ferrovial Services has a high technical capacity to perform infrastructure maintenance services, mining construction projects, technical and innovative industrial cleaning services, and non-industrial janitorial services in the Andean country.