JUL 26, 2020

Ferrovial Services showcases its commitment to energy efficiency by unveiling a special website setting out the main solutions, projects and contracts in the energy efficiency area.

Ferrovial Services highlights its commitment to energy efficiency. Get the latest information and see the latest trends in a special website that compiles the most recent energy efficiency projects, contracts and solutions.

Energy efficiency is a core value that cuts across all business areas in Ferrovial Services. From streetlight contracts with local governments to energy management in hospitals, from tapping the energy in landfills to facility management, the organization’s extensive experience as an energy service company (ESCO) gives it the capacity and expertise to design and implement highly complex energy efficiency projects.

The company specializes in energy management in the broadest sense, including developing technologies to enhance the efficiency and use of renewables, for both public and private sector clients, outdoor and indoor lighting, heat and hot water production, climate control, network optimization and remote management. Energy efficiency actions by Ferrovial Services revolve around innovation as a core value.


For this reason, Ferrovial Services has created a website that showcases the major trends and projects related to energy efficiency. The site provides extensive information about energy efficiency, identifies the latest trends, discusses the role of Ferrovial Services in this area, and reports on the most recent projects and solutions. Highlights include the Energy Control Center, the energy efficiency contract in Tomar, Geotermabok, and the district heating project in San Sebastián.