APR 14, 2020

• Ferrovial Services commissioned DS Smith to produce cardboard bins for collecting medical waste from hospitals.

• DS Smith donated the first 8,000 bins to the Burgos and Santander hospitals.

Ferrovial Services has commenced an initiative to manage the increase in the volume of hospital waste in Spain as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency. Some autonomous regions and hospitals have been forced to change their protocols to manage waste disposal more efficiently.

In order to meet the increase in demand, Ferrovial Services requested the assistance of DS Smith, the world’s leading supplier of corrugated cardboard, due to its ability to produce a large number of cardboard containers in record time. Ferrovial Services acknowledges the agility and adaptability shown by DS Smith, evidenced in its ability to produce and deliver the orders associated with this project on an urgent basis.

DS Smith contributed to this initiative by donating the first 8,000 cardboard bins to Burgos University Hospital and to Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, in Santander. This project facilitates the disposal of single-use materials used by healthcare personnel, such as masks and gloves.The main advantage of the bins provided by DS Smith is that they do not need disinfection or cleaning, and can be disposed of after use as they are made of cardboard.

Ferrovial Services, committed to the fight against COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ferrovial Services continues to deliver services that are classified as essential in the countries where it operates. These critical services include ambulance transport, hospital maintenance and cleaning, street cleaning, waste collection and treatment, road upkeep and energy services, all of which are essential for daily operation.