JUN 4, 2020

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Ferrovial Services highlighted its commitment to the circular economy. Find out about the latest trends in the circular economy in a special section of the website that details the latest projects and contracts as well as cutting-edge environmental solutions.

The circular economy is one of the levers for enhancing the environment. Society is evolving from a “produce, use and dispose” model towards a new paradigm of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. The circular economy is a different way of finding solutions to the problems we face in terms of resource depletion, waste generation and environmental degradation. At the same time, it provides ways to implement these solutions in our activities.

Ferrovial Services understands the circular economy as a source of value creation, both to transform our waste treatment plants into centers for recovering resources, and to create new business models supported by the circular economy principles.

New website: Circular Economy

For this reason, Ferrovial Services has created a space on its website that describes the major trends and projects related to the circular economy. The section describes the circular economy, identifies the latest trends, discusses the role of Ferrovial Services in this sector, and reports on the most recent projects and solutions. They include operating large waste treatment plants in Spain and the United Kingdom, the latest initiatives for reusing plastic, and cutting-edge solutions based on artificial intelligence to optimize large facilities.