OCT 26, 2020

The brand change is the result of the June 2020 agreement between Ferrovial Services and Ventia for the sale of Broadspectrum.

Broadspectrum, the Chilean subsidiary of Ferrovial Services, will become known as Berliam after completion of the sale of the Australian subsidiary in June 2020. The new brand will be associated primarily with the delivery of end-to-end operating and maintenance services to mining and industry.


Berliam (meaning “diamond”) represents the spirit of the company. “Just as underground pressure turns carbon into diamonds, our track record over time has made our organization a standard-bearing services provider, since we are constantly striving to improve and achieve excellence, in partnership with our clients. This is evidenced by our safety ratings and by our customers’ assessment of us,” said Berliam’s general manager, Nelson Calle.

“Berliam is a reflection of what drives us, our core values and our unyielding quest to continue projecting our leadership and keeping our promises,” Nelson Calle concludes.

Marcelo Ocampo, general manager of Ferrovial Services in Chile, added that, “Under the new Berliam brand, our subsidiary will continue providing a broad range of services efficiently and effectively in Chile’s mining and industrial sector. I am convinced that the new brand strengthens our distinctive positioning and will enable us to maintain responsible, profitable and sustainable growth in the coming years.”

The new branding is internationally oriented and combines the name in black with a green isotype. The logo is a combination of the brand’s initial “B” with an image reminiscent of the layers of the Earth and a mineshaft.

Berliam works with Chile’s leading copper producers. Both investor-owned and state-owned mining companies have placed their trust in the services and professional standards of the company, which manages operational assets.

About Ferrovial Services

Ferrovial Services contributes to sustainable development in the markets where it operates by designing efficient and comprehensive solutions and through a commitment to the circular economy. It has a stable presence in Spain, the UK, the US, Canada, Portugal, Chile and Qatar, and is an international leader in the delivery of services for infrastructure and cities.