Ferrovial Services is a reference in consulting services, full maintenance, and asset management for aviation infrastructure. Its offer of airport infrastructure services and distinctive capabilities enables airports to operate efficiently and allows them to face the challenge of continuous passenger traffic growth. We contribute to the efficient operation of airport infrastructures in our main markets. Through our airport infrastructure services, we help prepare for continuous passenger traffic growth.

Ferrovial Services provides multiple services to more than 290 million passengers in 21 airports in the UK, Spain, Qatar, and Australia. It generates operative efficiency in each and every contract, which saves time and money for all, both clients and passengers.

Ferrovial Services’ airport infrastructure services:

Airside and landside infrastructure

  • Airside stormwater detention ponds
  • Landside stormwater drains
  • Landside and airside perimeter roads and parking lots
  • Security checkpoints and combustion chambers

Winter road services

  • Snow and ice removal
  • De/Anti-icing treatments
  • Preparing activation reports
  • Resource scheduling and optimization

Aeronautical ground lighting (AGL)

  • AGL design solutions, including approach, runway, and taxiway lighting systems
  • AGL control and monitoring systems: according to functional, performance, and user specifications

Infrastructure, data, and analysis strategy

  • Data-led transformation, information management, and strategic asset management
  • Experienced team: data scientists, programmers, architects, mathematicians, and engineers, among others

Full maintenance

  • Infrastructure and facility inspection
  • Works in agricultural and forest areas
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Airport pavement assessment and restoration
  • Planned & unplanned, preventive, and corrective maintenance

Airside tunnels and underpasses

  • Electricity and electrical works
  • Structural / architectural installation
  • Approach roads, walkways, traffic barriers, platforms, and paved areas
  • Backup generators
  • Mechanical works, including ventilation, drainage networks, and pumps
  • Water/foam firefighting systems, and fire protection systems
  • Doors, exits, and signage

Design of auxiliary installations

  • Blast screens, acoustic screens, and barriers
  • Fire stations and fire training grounds
  • Ground engine-ignition stands
  • De-icing pads
  • Fuel farms
  • Hangars
  • Pollution control schemes
  • Track alignment system design

Pavement design

  • Geometrical layout, pavement structural design, compliance with ICAO, EASA, and CAA regulations, aircraft movement modeling, pavement markings, and signage

Integral management of facilities

  • Signage
  • Assisting passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)
  • Facilities maintenance: cleaning, maintenance, and technology
  • Air traffic control
  • Aerodrome safeguarding and counsel
  • Full service 24/7/365