Ferrovial Services is a specialist in the design, maintenance, and management of railway transport assets, as well as metro and tram services. By providing comprehensive solutions, the network’s availability is maximized, reducing line breaks, improving travel times and, ultimately, creating a better travel experience for people, companies, and communities whom it works for. We carry out railway infrastructure maintenance of busy high-frequency lines, working at the service of 800 million train and metro users in Australia, Spain, and the UK.

Railway infrastructure management offers a wide array of services to the railway transport sector, ranging from the operation and maintenance of railway lines, to railway electrification, and railway catenary repair.

Railway design

  • Structures, tracks, signage, electrification, power, stations, and telecommunications

Asset Management

  • Infrastructure strategy, data & analysis
  • Lean thinking and Six Sigma methodology
  • Asset life-extension projects

Power supply and distribution

  • Design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning for AC and DC traction power systems

Railway Infrastructure maintenance

  • Full-service maintenance for tunnels
  • Track cleaning
  • Bridge and infrastructure inspection, and minor works
  • IT systems control and maintenance
  • Planned & unplanned maintenance

Rail track maintenance, improvement, and restoration

  • Track repair and reconstruction
  • Recommissioning of abandoned routes, track upgrading, construction of new routes, and turnkey renovation works
  • Track renovation, with acclaimed success in formation, counterweights, switches and crossings, replacing railway sleepers, drainage networks, access works, earth moving, and laying out new tracks.

Railway electrification, Overhead Line Electrification (OLE)

Signage systems

  • Designing, commissioning, and installing new solid-state interlocks
  • Installing lightweight signal structures and related signals
  • Fitting new fixed telecom network cases
  • Installing new relocatable equipment within structures
  • Installing solid state location boxes of signage interlocks and full distribution of 650V cabling


  • Upgrading and replacing signage, tracks, and rolling stock

Station Information and Security Systems (SISS)

  • Scalable and cost-effective monitoring and control of SISS assets
  • Capabilities to visualize all SISS assets at all stations, and rapid navigation
  • Real-time monitoring of asset availability

Light rail asset management

  • Trains
  • Signage
  • Permanent tracks
  • Civil structures and premises
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Communications, including ICT

High voltage systems

Facilities Management

  • Cleaning services
  • Passenger help points
  • Onboard services and customer service
  • Management of VIP lounges

Ferrovial Services’ management and service model goes beyond railway infrastructure maintenance. It offers comprehensive solutions from start to finish and puts at the disposal of clients its capacities of high added value, such as technological systems, financial balance, and teams specialized in innovation.