Ferrovial Services improves the operation and efficiency of road networks by implementing smart solutions which reduce road congestion and increase the level of service for road and highway users. We carry out the conservation of roads and highways along a total of 100,000 kilometres in seven countries. We seek innovative solutions for roads, tunnels and bridge maintenance in order to improve infrastructures that are critical for many people in their daily lives. From the start of a project, the company seeks collaboration and works as a team with infrastructure owners and local social agents, to whom it offers a wide range of design, consulting, and road maintenance services:

Design and engineering work

Operation and maintenance

  • Repairs and improvements: road surfaces, hard shoulders, drainage works, wiring for lighting, and stabilization of slopes and facilities.
  • Response to incidents and roadside assistance: rapid response to traffic incidents and discharges.
  • Operational support: 24h assistant and surveillance, winter road maintenance, signage for construction works, obstacles, and traffic detours.

Program and contract management: ranging from design and construction to quality management and billing

Routine and preventive maintenance

  • Roadways, hard shoulders, and ditches
  • Signage and spotlights
  • Lighting installations
  • Pruning trees and bushes, and growth-limiting treatments
  • Rest areas

Asset management

  • Action planning
  • Infrastructure strategy, data & analysis
  • Studies and inspections on asset status
  • Network and infrastructure value management

Quality management: formal certification, benchmarking, and operational excellence

ITS systems on highways and in cities

  • Monitorized CCTV cameras, poles and remote control systems
  • Weather stations, noise and air-quality metering stations
  • Ramp access control systems, variable speed management systems
  • Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) systems
  • Traffic engineering, plans, strategies, and distribution
  • Event & alert information systems

Comprehensive management of the supply chain

Tunnel maintenance and operation

  • Emergency response
  • Maintenance, repair, and restoration.
  • Inspection and maintenance of structures, including drainage networks and retaining walls

Traffic management

  • Traffic lights and traffic cameras
  • Traffic management system to control centers and response to incidents
  • Traffic planning

Tunnel ITS systems

  • Tunnel ventilation systems
  • Fire detection and firefighting systems
  • Automatic incident detection, CCTV, and video recording systems
  • Barriers, tunnel mouth and external accesses, lighting and traffic lights
  • Gateways and variable-message signs
  • Data centers and control center information system

Works management and repairs

  • Reconstruction of viaducts and highway improvements, such as adapting intersections, signage, and road widening projects, as well as road plan management.