Ferrovial Services offers comprehensive solutions for transportation infrastructure, helping its clients manage their resources, optimize their costs, and reinforce the safety and availability of their infrastructures. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services available to our clients to maintain their transportation infrastructure and assets in optimal and operational condition, for as long as possible.

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The company offers a unique model of service provision that deploys all the necessary tools at the disposal of infrastructure owners in order to ease their decision and planning processes towards a future development of their strategic assets.

Ferrovial Services offers total facility maintenance services for strategic infrastructures: roads and highways, railway infrastructures such as trains, metro and tram, airports, tunnels, and bridges.

The activities carried out within transportation infrastructure maintenance services include, among many others, the operation and conservation of roads, winter road services, traffic management or the maintenance of railway rolling stock. Additionally, Ferrovial Services has multidisciplinary teams comprising consultants, engineers, and contract management teams, all with extensive experience in developing asset management strategies at an international level.

Thanks to this wide range of solutions and to the Centre of Excellence for Asset Management, the most advanced technologies are deployed to develop, implement, and carry out routine or reactive activities, such as preventive and corrective predictive maintenance, which in turn reduces infrastructure obsolescence, extends the lifespan of assets, and improves security.

With a comprehensive vision of long-term service, exhaustive knowledge of assets, and the application of the latest technology and systems for data collection & analysis, and project modelling, among others, Ferrovial Services provides an efficient and swift response to any demand from its customers or to any need for transportation infrastructure.