Ferrovial Services collects and treats approximately 13 tons of waste, produced yearly by more than 27 million citizens. Additionally, it advises public and private clients on environmental management issues related to their businesses or activities. As part of its integral waste management and waste collection service, Ferrovial Services provides technical, environmental and operational counsel, which includes a plan to analyze and reduce waste.

Ferrovial Services has a large number of certified containers of different sizes and features adapted for each type of waste. In addition, it has a large fleet of trucks authorized to transport all kinds of waste, as well as control systems to ease traceability, transparency and a continuous improvement of the service.

It’s worth highlighting the following services related to waste collection and transport:

  • Selective and door-to-door collection
  • Cleaning and maintenance of underground and surface containers
  • Management of drop-off and pick-up collection units

Proprietary logistics parks

Likewise, it has the necessary means and knowledge to manage all types of waste, regardless of its origin and hazard. For example:

  • Solid urban waste
  • Industrial waste (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Pharmaceutical and clinical waste
  • Electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Residues from construction and demolition (RCD)
  • Waste water
  • Other: textile, wood, oil, ash, leachate, fertilizer, etc.

Hazardous waste management is carried out under the strictest safety measures. Expert staff in handling hazardous and special waste ensure that packaging and labeling is done according to the rules for transport of dangerous goods and other regulations in force.

According to its commitment with the environment and its responsibility as a company specialised in waste management, Ferrovial Services works hand in hand with the communities where it carries out its activity to help develop sustainable cities. For those communities, it invents, designs and implements environmental awareness and education initiatives, as well as urban innovation ones.