Ferrovial Services protects the environment by encouraging reuse and recycling of our surroundings, promoting measures to reduce the material sent to landfill and to generate energy from waste, as well as keeping clean public spaces in cities. We take care of the environment by applying the principles of a circular economy and by keeping our environment clean. Thanks to a wide range of environmental services and a large team of experts, we offer environmental solutions that are more social, efficient and sustainable.


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Ferrovial Services offers diverse environmental services that encompass all phases in the waste management value chain: from waste collection to treatment and recovery. In addition, it performs other environment-friendly activities such as sewage network and street cleaning or the green spaces and park maintenance within urban landscapes. Additionally, designs, constructs and operates large environmental infrastructures, ranging from ecological parks and treatment plants for all types of waste, to landfills, collection points and transfer stations. For more than 30 years, Ferrovial Services has provided the public administration and the private sector comprehensive specialized services related to consultancy, design, and operations management, with full market knowledge. Ferrovial Services applies the principles of a circular economy and its own model for innovation, which have enabled clients to make environmental management solutions more social, efficient and sustainable. The company collaborates with a wide variety of clients, adapting to the sectors´ specifications ranging from education, hospital, commercial distribution, to the industrial sector.

By analyzing all existing options in the market, it designs the optimal environmental management model for each client in order to enable them to achieve operational excellence. With the participation of  Centre of Excellence for Environment, Ferrovial Services fosters collaborative innovation with its customers which eases the improvement of their current service, the design of new service models, as well as the promotion of circular solutions to transform waste into new raw materia ls which can then be reintroduced into production cycles. Ferrovial Services has the capability, experience and a team of experts to handle all environmental services operations, from beginning to end, for any type of client, hence allowing them to achieve their main objectives.