Ferrovial Services has long-term experience in the design, commissioning and maintenance of complex projects for conduction infrastructures related to electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications as distribution networks or maintenance of electrical installations. Furthermore, the company is an expert at operational efficiency when implementing projects related to the construction and assembly of facilities for both public and private clients. We offer a wide range of services for companies in the gas, electricity, water, and telecommunications sectors. We give support to their operations with a long-term vision and an integral approach to the service, providing innovative solutions and operational efficiency.


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For over two decades, it has been offering highly technical and innovative solutions to utilities and telecommunications companies, becoming an essential part of the processes towards providing service to end consumers.

Ferrovial Services has an extensive network of work teams and the necessary resources to diligently, safely, and efficiently meet the needs of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Ferrovial Services’ operational excellence drives sustainable value for its customers based on the following principles:

  • Operational Efficiency, by using Lean Manufacturing methodologies (5S, Six Sigma, etc.) there is a continuous improvement and an increase in productivity and performance based on operation and management (KPI indicators).
  • Workplace Health & Safetythe number one priority throughout the organization
  • Commitment towards clients and their local environments
  • Flexibility, geographic availability and immediate response thanks to an effective fleet management system and efficient field teams.
  • Innovation, through the use of new technologies such as, for instance, augmented reality to remotely supervise maintenance activities; IoT applications to access asset information and work orders; using drones to inspect infrastructures, or using wearables to control and monitor workers’ vital signs.

With a team of more than 3,000 engineers and experts in data management and analysis, Ferrovial Services advises its clients on how to balance their costs and risks,  and how to extend the useful life of their infrastructure assets and maximize their potential value. With the support of a Centre of Excellence for Asset Management, the company integrates advanced technological knowledge and operational efficiency in its operations for companies and facilities (electrical, gas, water and telecommunications) providing analytical capabilities that ease the automation of data processing, as well as prioritizing and making smart decisions.