Ferrovial Services offers new service models to the Oil and Gas sector thanks to its high level of knowledge of local assets, its ability to analyze data, and the use of new technologies. Thus, through the efficient management of plant shutdowns, intelligent analytics, resource management, and the supply of engineering, supply, and construction services, Ferrovial Services improves the value of its clients’ assets in a sustainable manner and offers new ways to optimize them. We provide end-to-end comprehensive services to our oil and gas clients’ downstream, midstream, and upstream production stages.

Ferrovial Services sustains a comprehensive vision of the solutions it implements in the three stages: upstream, midstream and downstream, which allows each part of the process to get feedback from the entire chain of oil and gas transformation.

Upstream: maintaining the assets and facilities used in the production phase of oil and natural gas, such as offshore and onshore LNG plants and at CSG well sites.

Midstream: designing, constructing, and maintaining pipelines that transport oil and natural gas to refinery plants.

Downstream: providing maintenance, plant shutdowns, upgrading equipment, and asset management services at refining facilities where oil and natural gas are turned into thousands of different products such as kerosene, diesel, and petrol.

The company provides a wide range of services to companies whose main activity is the extraction, distribution, or transformation of Oil and Gas:

Engineering and design, procurement, and machinery management

Drilling services and specialized welding for the coal methane gas sector

Asset management and analysis of hydrocarbon facilities and equipment

Planned and unscheduled plant shutdowns


  • Repairs and inspections in environments with temperatures ranging between 300 and 700 degrees Celsius
  • Installation and repair of industrial electrical equipment, including high voltage equipment and control systems
  • Water management
  • Maintenance of HVAC
  • General trades
  • Maintenance plan

Project and Program Management

  • Installation optimization and upgrade works
  • Construction on existing facilities and construction management of industrial plants
  • Maintenance of civil works

Occupational safety services

Infrastructure support services

  • Accommodation and base-camp management
  • Condition assessment and lifecycle planning
  • Security, waste removal, and firefighting services
  • Cleaning, garden maintenance, and catering

  • In this sector, the following differentiating capabilities of Ferrovial Services stand out:
    • From the outset, it provides services to production facilities, liquefied natural gas plants (both onshore and at sea), as well as in the extraction of oil sands, oil fields, refineries or in the storage of coal seam gas and hydrocarbons.
    • It has a large fleet of derricks with the most advanced technology, capable of drilling the deepest and most complex wells.
    • It is a pioneer in the planning of plant shutdowns in 7 stages, both scheduled and unscheduled.
    • It designs innovative customized solutions, such as advanced oil derricks with light loads for the large maintenance works of Australian subsidiary Easternwell’s coal seam gas fields.
    • Broadspectrum, a subsidiary with the highest volume of activity in oil and gas, has a successful zero accident rate in large plant shutdowns and has won 47 AFPM awards in occupational safety and prevention.