Ferrovial Services, as an energy services company (ESCO), works under the concession model, providing constant savings and continuous improvement of our clients’ facilities throughout the term of an agreement. The energy service contracts generate an increase in efficiency and savings with respect to traditional bidding processes. All of this is thanks to innovation and investment in energy efficiency solutions, together with an incentive plan that reduces energy consumption. We manage more than 1 million illumination points, four times the amount of lighting sources than in New York City. The quality and lifespan of our energy efficiency solutions are distinctive features of the energy service projects we develop and are also critical for our clients.

Ferrovial Services studies every case and adjusts the solution to each client’s particular needs, always aware of the impact during its implementation. During this process, and the development of the project in stages, the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management accompanies operations and deploys a team of experts at the client’s disposal.

An energy services company (ESCO) concession model offers considerable benefits:

Financial: reducing direct and indirect costs, investment financing, and budget stability.

Operational: transferring operational risks, value-based purchasing, and efficient management.

Environmental: reducing emissions and using renewable energy.

The solutions provided in the field of energy efficiency are:

Management of energy facilities

  • Interior and exterior lighting sources
  • Air conditioning and air conditioning installations
  • Construction elements
  • Power generation facilities
  • Electrical installations
  • Street lighting

Energy services

  • Energy efficiency study
  • District networks and district heating
  • Maintenance with an energy consumption guarantee
  • Financing of investments in energy services
  • Renovation of facilities

Energy Efficiency Projects

  • Optimization study and diagnosis
  • Proposal for courses of action
  • Project implementation
  • Management, energy, and emissions control

Contracting energy services is flexible, offering different types of benefits and advantages:

 Fixed price, for buildings and street lighting.

– Pay-as-you-go for industries and buildings.

– Guaranteed delivery for buildings, street lighting, and the industry.

The scope of implementation for these contracts and service models is very broad and ranges from energy efficiency in buildings and energy efficient street lighting, to industrial energy efficiency. Ferrovial Services has the capacity and experience to design and implement highly complex energy efficiency projects, whether as part of a maintenance contract for sports facilities or as part of a Facility Management contract that includes lighting renewal including LED street lighting, as if it’s responsible for the integral maintenance and operation of all the facilities of a data processing center which enables communications to multiple companies and entities operating 24 hours a day.