Ferrovial Services provides a large number of services that support and improve the operational efficiency of its clients’ main activities. The services range from the maintenance of assets -without which the client wouldn’t be able to operate- to cleaning or reception services, all of which allow for a more comfortable, pleasant and safe environment. We design customized solutions for our clients’ Facilities Management needs at a strategic, tactical, and operational level.


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Ferrovial Services’ management & service model follows the principles of Lean Manufacturing and incorporates innovative solutions related to data analysis and the IoT. Additionally, it uses support software applications which have been developed or customized for specific activities, such as call centers or the maintenance of buildings and facilities. All of these tools, together with the use of mobile devices, guarantee knowledge management, a performance management system based on lean management, transparency in the contract procedures, as well as clients’ access, in real time, to multiple management indicators for efficient decision making.

Ferrovial Services seeks operational efficiency throughout the life cycle of a contract in order to generate efficiencies and savings for its clients. Through a continuous comprehensive process of planning, operational control, and dashboards, it achieves this objective during the design, start-up, and continuous improvement of its Facilities Management services.

Through long-term and medium-term planning, standard operating parameters are defined to establish workloads. A global vision on resource needs -which allows for their optimization- increases proactive decision-making.

Operational control is a system for real-time execution and monitoring which allows identifying opportunities to optimize services. It relies on inspections to capture opportunities for improvement, and it eases compliance with the levels of service agreed with the client.

Lastly, the dashboard is a set of monitoring mechanisms, which include KPI indicators that are essential for an integral management of Facilities Management activities, as well as a system for analysis and continuous improvement.