Ferrovial Services offers a broad range of services to the oil and gas, and infrastructure industries in the US and Canada. In infrastructure we operate under the Ferrovial Services name, but in oil and gas we operate as TIMEC and HRI. Although we have projects across the US, including Alaska, our business concentrations lie in California, Florida and Texas. In Canada, our projects are spread throughout the province of Ontario.

In line with Ferrovial’s approach, we firmly support workplace safety and consider both innovation and operational excellence keys to our business.


Ferrovial Services is an innovative solutions and service provider with a broad range of critical and integrated infrastructure services. We have a proven capacity for managing complex projects, a strong presence in stable, growing economies, extensive differentiated and transferable capabilities, and a clear focus on operational excellence through continuous efficiency improvement.

Our involvement in the pioneering and evolution of outsourced roadway asset maintenance programs in the US began in the 1990s, when we implemented the Virginia Department of Transportation’s first contracted maintenance program, the first of its kind in the nation.  Ferrovial Services continues to provides operation and maintenance solutions for critical infrastructures in the United States and Canada to clients such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. We have successfully delivered asset maintenance services in the state of Florida for nearly 20 years, and our role in the development of performance-based maintenance contracting has positioned Florida at the forefront of performance-based maintenance contracting in North America.

Our services span from inspection and maintenance throughout an asset’s life cycle to emergency response and winter maintenance on roads, highways, bridges and tunnels. We service such infrastructures as the Port Miami Tunnel, Washington D.C.’s tunnel network and Presidio Parkway in San Francisco.

  • Tunnels: We provide operation and maintenance services for the Port of Miami tunnel, 17 tunnels throughout the Washington D.C. street network, and two tunnels in Alaska.
  • Highway Asset Maintenance: We manage and deliver asset maintenance services in Michigan, Colorado and Florida. In Florida, we provide services for different Florida Department of Transportation [FDOT] highway networks. Ferrovial Services operates various FDOT’s transportation districts statewide, providing services for many asset maintenance contracts.
  • Bascule Movable Bridge Operations and Maintenance: We maintain bascule bridges throughout FDOT’s District 5 and are fully responsible for safe passage of roadway and water traffic at all times. Our performance based maintenance contracts include incident and emergency response.


Ferrovial Services operates under the TIMEC and HRI brands in North America. TIMEC boasts 50 years of experience delivering construction services to the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries with recognized safety and quality ratings. Our business, headquartered in Texas, has operating bases in California, the Pacific Northwest, Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains and the Gulf Coast.

Timec maintains a market-leading position as a turnkey, full service general contractor. We provide the full spectrum of mechanical fabrication, specialty welding, High-Temperature Repairs & Inspection (HRI) and upstream oil-field services through nested maintenance, turnaround or construction services to the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. We have a solid track record across all major work scopes, including on FCC, Hydrocrackers, Hydrogen Plants, Alkylation units, Cokers, Crude units, Reformers and Sulphur units. Our major clients are some of the largest global players in the energy industry.

  • Maintenance, Turnarounds & Capital Construction: Timec is aleading provider of maintenance, turnarounds and capital construction services to industrial facilities across the United States. We have access to a national skilled craft resource pool and we routinely execute projects greater than 200,000 manhours. Safety and quality are our highest values and we are proud to have best-in-class safety performance each year. Timec boasts 2,5 million safe hours worked in 2019 and 5,5 million manhours without a lost-time accident.

We pioneered a Seven-Phase Shutdown Model that drives efficiency and productivity outcomes across projects. This model includes a diligent turnaround planning process that helps us meet our customers’ key performance indicators in areas such as safety, scheduling, budget and quality. Timec is at the forefront of utilizing technology and developed MainT/Ain™, a cloud-based solution for real-time access decision maching quality information. This data helps drive productivity in the field by keeping supervisors up to date with historical data for proactive analysis.

  • Specialty Welding: Our Specialty Welding Group was established in 1991 with experienced welders skilled in 700+ ASME code procedures and tested to the most stringent standards. Through our Specialty Welding team, we execute some of the most challenging and complex piping, fabrication and welding works with industry-leading quality and productivity rates. Our weld reject rate was 2.5% across 15,492 welds.
  • Roustabout Services: Timec Oilfields, formerly Steier Oilfield Service, is a roustabout company serving the Bakken oil and gas industry in western North Dakota since 1971.
    Our upstream services include tank battery construction and maintenance, general oilfield maintenance, hotshot delivery and pick up, natural gas liquids [NGL] capture systems, trenching, trucking, crane work, spill clean-up and snow removal.


With more than 25 years of experience performing high-temperature work, HRI has completed over 1,500 projects safely, saving clients millions of dollars in lost productivity. Our experienced technicians ensure the work is done correctly and safely.

HRI utilizes a proprietary thermal PPE system to provide repairs and inspections in environments ranging from 400 in confind spaces to 1,400 degrees F in non confind spaces. We deliver critical repairs and implement preventative measures quickly and safely, as well as provide emergency repairs 24/7.

HRI has extensive experience servicing all areas within oil refineries providing innovative solutions and tangible results.  Our clients depend on us to inspect, maintain, replace, and repair units under extreme temperature conditions and to complete the job safely every time. We have a track record of significantly reducing the critical path in turnaround schedules.


For more information, visit our Ferrovial Services North America website.