• 100
    years experience
  • £ 2.20 bn
  • 17,000


Amey’s financial strength and corporate responsibility mark it apart. This resilience ensures their employees are always committed to delivering great services. Innovation drives Amey forward and enables continuous improvement in project delivery and customer services. Creating better places to live, work and travel through innovation allows Amey to offer the greatest value. They have a long and successful partnership with government at all levels; investing in communities across the UK, creating the jobs, skills and opportunities that drive local and national economic growth.

Amey supplies important utilities like water, gas and electricity to your homes. The company is making journeys better by maintaining roads, railways and airports. The organization is keeping facilities running smoothly in vital public sector buildings and improving prisons and schools. The organisation is keeping environments clean by improving sustainable waste management.


As one of the largest defence services companies in the UK, our country’s Armed Forces rely on our support so they can focus on their vital work. We sit at the heart of the UK’s Armed Forces community, providing and maintaining critical infrastructure and facilities, from runways to bunkers, to occupancy services and maintenance of military homes.


Engineering underpins everything Amey does. They work on some of the most complex issues facing the world’s infrastructure, by combining expertise and talent, with data, innovation and cutting-edge technology. They help some of the world’s biggest asset owners to better plan for, understand and manage their assets: keeping assets like bridges, roads, railways and substations running smoothly.

Environment and waste

Amey protects the environment by encouraging people to reuse and recycle more – reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, creating energy from waste and keeping streets and public spaces, like parks, clean. A better environment means a better quality of life for everyone.

Facilities management

Amey keeps workplaces, schools, hospitals, prisons, military housing, and airports productive, safe and clean. They support citizens and clients to run homes and organisations smoothly; without thinking twice about the maintenance, operation and improvement of buildings, grounds or estates.

Justice Services

Amey works with its partners, local community organisations and charities to help people feel safe where they live and work. They provide prisoner escort and transportation services across England and Wales as well as keeping our prisons court docks safe and serviceable.

Practical consulting

Amey’s consultants think – and act – in terms of grounded, everyday impacts. Their team of 3,000 consultants, engineers and designers produce unique solutions to create longer lasting, harder working, better performing, more sustainable assets. End-to-end solutions with day-to-day impacts.


Amey makes journeys better and exploring easier – by helping to make railways, motorways, roads and airports run safely and smoothly; ensuring people get where they need to be quickly and safely.


Amey maintains vital infrastructure so that utility networks operate smoothly. In a nutshell, this means making sure that you have access to ultrafast broadband, your home, office or business is heated, the power is working, and you have a quality supply of water.