• 3,958
  • 456,000
    Preventive and corrective maintenance tasks per year
  • 1 M sqm
    Cleaned daily


Ferrovial Services operates in Qatar through FMM company, a joint venture between Ferrovial and Qatar Airways. FMM provides five-star facility management services in public and private market in Qatar by delivering tailor-made solutions focused on their clients’ needs and seeking for continuous improvement across Operations. Our Mission is to be the best Integrated Facility Management solution partner to our clients by providing outstanding services built on Excellence, Expertise and Safety standards.


  • Hard services: FMM implements a robust planned-maintenance regime to protect their clients’ investment and ensure premises are well maintained. The company provides electrical, mechanical and HVAC, plumbing and civil and architecture works maintains, in a safe and efficient manner to achieve high standards of performance to the engineering assets, supports business continuity and protect the working environment whilst meeting statutory obligations.
  • Soft services: FMM provides high-quality cleaning services, in interior or exterior, including Façade, that satisfies and exceeds customer expectations, presenting a clean and professional image and working environment. Also, the company aims to constantly mend the level of service while improving efficiency and introducing innovation. FMM is a leading cutting-edge market leader in Integrated Facility Managemnet services provider aiming to be the preferred and most reliable FM provider in the State of Qatar, with over 3,000 employees working to provide a five-star facilities management services.
  • Roads and Infrastructure Maintenance: FMM offer a complete range of services for roads, bridges, and tunnels, we minimize the risks associated with all types of transportation infrastructure projects.
  • Road inspection services, cleaning, repairs, improvements to road surfaces, hard shoulders, drainage works and wiring for lighting.
  • Response to incidents and roadside assistance: rapid response to traffic incidents and discharges.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to roads, signals, streetlights, etc.
  • Emergency Management Services in case of accidents untoward incidents. 24h assistant and surveillance, winter road maintenance, signage for construction works, obstacles and traffic detours.
  • Maintenance of drainage systems and superficial and deep levels
  • Roadways at ground and Elevated levels and bridges
  • Procurement of FM Support Services: FMM recognizes that effective procurement management is of paramount importance in providing an efficient and reliable delivery. Although our main objectives are based on innovation and self-delivery capability, we procure and deliver a range of services but limited to give support and enhance our integrated facility Management delivery. Our philosophy is centered around the key principle that appointing a supplier against the most competitive market rates, it’ s only the start of the process. The most effective performance, best innovation and most creative ideas will only be achieved through a robust contract management with a limited provision from the supply chain during the contract duration.
  • Asset Management: FMM works in maintaining the correct performance of assets and extend their life. FMM believes that a good asset management strategy brings significant financial savings and performance improvements to the Organization. It also has a positive impact at an operational level. FMM uses the software Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (Oracle eAM) for asset maintenance, management, storing and repairs.
  • Commissioning and handover: FMM adds remarkable value to the process to make sure that everything planned is well executed through established processes and procedures. Through the deployment of our teams on site during the final testing and commission phases we provide valuable knowledge and understanding of the building operating strategies.
  • Helpdesk: We provide technologically advanced, multi-capability FM Helpdesk service that brings together the people who use the facilities and those who deliver the FM service. We use a suite of products to support the service delivery providing a solution to Task Management, Asset Management and reporting needs of the contract.