The Portuguese subsidiary of Ferrovial Services – Ferrovial Serviços– is one of the country’s largest investor-owned waste-management companies and a standard-setter in municipal services, public and private infrastructure maintenance and energy efficiency services. For more than 30 years, Ferrovial Serviços has been offering a wide range of services for implementing sustainable solutions, including municipal services, park maintenance, waste treatment and management and integrated infrastructure services, all conforming to the strictest quality standards. The company employs 1.900 professionals, with the necessary expertise in managing complex projects to maximise productivity over the long term.


In municipal services, it collects source-sorted waste and municipal solid waste, cleans urban spaces and maintains green spaces. In this sector, its clients include major public bodies, such as the municipal governments of Maia, Lagos, Oeiras and Odivelas, all four municipalities belonging to AMTFNT (Association of Municipalities of Terra Fria of the Northeast Transmontano), the nineteen municipalities in the AMRPB (Association of Municipalities of Planalto Beirão Region) and the CHULN – Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte (Santa Maria’s Hospital and Pulido Valente’s Hospital).

Ferrovial Serviços also does the selective door-to-door waste collection in Maia, which is a project focused on door-to-door collection, segregated into the different categories (mixed, paper and paperboard, pastic and metal, glass) and collection from recycling point and moloks. Recently, the municipality of Maia has introduced in this project the collection of organic waste in Águas Santas.


The company also carries out waste treatment and management projects. For the last 21 years, Ferrovial Serviços has been managing the integrated waste treatment and disposal plant at Planalto Beirão (CITERPB). The services performed at this plant include managing the landfill, mechanical and biological treatment (MBT), two sorting stations and energy valorization station, nineteen recycling centers and three transfer stations.

Ferrovial Serviços also owns the Valor-Rib integrated non-hazardous industrial waste plant, located in Vila Nova de Famalicão. At this plant, the company processes, recovers and stores non-hazardous industrial waste from the Grande Porto, Vale do Ave and Vale do Sousa areas. Nowadays, through Citrup (70% FS, 30% Suma) the company operates the leachate treatment facilities of the Lipor II closed landfill, which was managed by Citrup for 19 years.


Ferrovial Serviços also provides solutions for industry throughout Portugal. Its clients include major industrial players such as PSA, Fresenius Kabi and EFACEC, to which it provides industrial waste management. It also delivers services to the state-owned fisheries operator Docapesca, including cleaning, disinfection and waste management in the Matosinhos fishing port. Recently, FS was awarded by LIPOR with the public contract waste transportation services and operation, maintenance and surveillance of the waste and ecocenter transfer station of Póvoa do Varzim.

The company is committed to recovering organic waste, in particular the collection, transportation, treatment, production and bulk sale of organic compound Terramais. In the same line of business, it also serves clients such as Águas de Portugal Group, Águas do Porto, VALORSUL and Navigator (paper industry).


Ferrovial Serviços is making significant inroads in the Portuguese facility management market, where it delivers integrated solutions to optimise the useful life of assets and boost performance and efficiency for the benefit of its clients. It has partnered with clients such as VodafoneMercado Temporário de Bolhão, Universidade Europeia, Galp Energia (managing the climate controls systems at the Sines refinery), and VW Autoeuropa (infrastructure supervision). In the field of Business Process Outsourcing, Ferrovial Serviços runs Ericsson’s Technical Assistance Center, providing support in various of the regions where the telecommunications giant operates.

In energy efficiency, Ferrovial Serviços is committed to broadening its range of services, offering innovative solutions, and it has joined forces with the Vouzela municipal government to replace all the district’s street lighting with LEDs.

With a broad services portfolio, Ferrovial Serviços positions itself as a leader in smart cities, sensorizing services and assets and managing them through artificial intelligence systems. With this approach we are able to identify problems almost instantly and generate the appropriate and almost immediate response, allowing for a more efficient resource allocation and giving the municipality and its several stakeholders an integrated and overall vision of its people, resources and territory.

The city of Tomar is partnering with Ferrovial Serviços to become a Smart City. Using the savings generated by the replacement of its public lighting system with LED, Ferrovial Serviços will be able to fund the installation of a LoRaWAN network and Watson IoT platform. The LoRaWAN network will serve not only the lighting system but also future services the city decides to integrate under this communications technology or to allow its stakeholders to do so.  The Watson IoT platform will add an artificial intelligence to the whole system allowing decision makers to continuously learn from its data, optimize resources and integrate new demands from its citizens.

Also, regarding smart cities, Ferrovial Serviços is developing new urban mobility solutions for cities, whilst acting as a leverage for local innovation. Within Smart Open Lisbon – SOL, and with the support of FS Centre of Excellence for Cities, the company tested electric scooters as a micromobility solution.