Innovation is one of our key tools for addressing the current challenges of the complex economic and business context.

New technologies and a new innovative mentality are being introduced both by citizens and by users of infrastructures. Therefore, we research and develop projects to achieve innovation projects in urban services.

Innovation is one of our key pillars for addressing a challenging and changing business context, with the arrival of new technologies in a complex economic framework, and a new mindset on the part of citizens and infrastructure users. A more social, collaborative, efficient, safe, and environmentally-driven service delivery model is needed. In Ferrovial Services, we face these challenges through tangible innovation. Ferrovial Services main areas of focus are:


User-centric solutions and new models for service delivery. Data driven management & IoT for services optimization through data gathering and analytics.


Development field based on Asset Management to improve contract efficiency and support growth through experience in consulting. This field of research includes AI- and robotics-based technology for automating processes and simplifying operations in services through the use of cutting-edge technologies. New generation fleets for a more sustainable and efficient strategy.


Innovation focused on efficiency and energy generation, applying state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to meet the needs of customers’ environmental projects. This field includes research and development related to projects based on the circular economy to increase the proportion of materials and resources recycled within the production chain.


Zero accidents through the deployment of technologies to ensure the safety of our team in the field of service operations, through virtual reality, wearables or automatic signal deployment.