Waste management is advancing very rapidly, driven by the need to find solutions to the problem posed by the growing volume of waste and its complexity. In addition, new processes are expected to fulfill stricter environmental targets, reduce processing costs and increase waste re-use, in both material, energy and economic terms, thus helping to reduce consumption of raw materials and natural resources.


The Centre of Excellence for Environment guides the change process leading to the design, construction and operation of next-generation treatment facilities in which innovative technologies and equipment respond to the new legal, environmental and social framework. The mission of the Centre of Excellence for Environment is to provide comprehensive technical support to the business units throughout the life cycle of environmental assets: from initial analyses and draft through to the design of the most appropriate solution, support in bidding, technical supervision during construction and continuous technical assistance during operation, in order to resolve technical issues and implement changes and improvements.

In addition, the Center continues to innovate in waste management, studying trends and new solutions and representing Ferrovial Services in national and international discussion forums. The Center is also entrusted with identifying environmental and industrial risks, in coordination with the business units and insurance departments. We apply the latest technology to maximize waste recycling and energy-from-waste yields while also minimizing the environmental impact.


Consistent with the circular economy, all projects and initiatives implemented by the Center of Excellence in this field are aimed at reintroducing processed waste into natural cycles, or into new anthropic cycles developed for this purpose. Moreover, the energy required for these initiatives must be obtained from renewable sources as far as possible.

The Centre of Excellence for Environment integrates knowledge and technical resources of great value to Ferrovial Services and ensures that they are always ready for use in projects and facilities, wherever they may be needed. A multidisciplinary, multicultural team of professionals covers all the necessary skills and continuously seeks circular and innovative solutions for waste, while also supporting management of operational facilities, seeking and creating new business opportunities for the company.


  • Production of solid and liquid fuels from waste.
  • Energy from waste.
  • A circular economy in practice for waste flows such as plastics, textiles, metals and organics.
  • Industrial waste: customized circular solutions for each client.
  • Automation of treatment plants (robotics, artificial intelligence, …).

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