Drafting of this accessibility statement

This statement was drafted on 23 December 2020 based initially on a technical assessment performed by a third party — CTIC Centro Tecnológico. Thereafter, this statement will be reviewed on the basis of self-assessment.

Comments and contact data

You may report breaches of accessibility requirements or other difficulties accessing content, or make queries or suggestions for improving the website’s accessibility, by completing the form provided for this purpose or sending an e-mail to fscomunicacion@ferrovial.com

All communications that are received will be handled by Ferrovial Services, Quintanavides 21 – Edificio 5, 28050 Madrid (Spain), which is obliged to respond within 20 working days.

Procedure for application

In line with Ferrovial Services’ commitment to ensuring that the catalog of services and content that make up its web platform is available to people whose needs are not fully met by current accessibility requirements — such as persons whose ability or situation hampers their capacity to read or comprehend long texts, persons with visual difficulties, or persons from other countries who can speak the language but cannot read it — this process will be maintained over time and the pertinent upgrades will be undertaken as needed.

For clarity, the websites that make up the Ferrovial Services web platform apply the following accessibility enhancements:

  • Features
  • Technology applied
  • Exceptions
  • Suggestions and requests
  • Links of interest